Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is a place where you can get free short plays

I know when I was in college in a theater program at NYU's Tisch School: Playwrights Horizon's Theater School, I was constantly looking for parts that were interesting to play for people my age. 
My friends and I were looking for short works to direct that we could relate to and play with for class and outside projects. 
We were not making tons of money on this work (or any money), and I believe that new writing (especially short works and monologues) should be free to students and directors working in class and for festivals. 
I write a lot of short plays and monologues that are appropriate for younger actors and have always enjoyed seeing directors of all ages and experience levels work with them. There is nothing more flattering than having an actor say that they did one of my monologues in an audition, or worked on it in a class, or that a director wants to present one of my short plays in a night of shorts. 
With all of the talk of copyright - and the internet - and who should have the access to or pay for what in the theater - I want to steal a page out of Chuck Mee's book and at least offer short plays, scenes, and monologues for free to people who want them. 
I'm hoping some of my writer friends will also get onboard and I can post their shorter work here as well. 
My hope is that if you do hope to use a piece - you let me know. You don't need to ask my permission but I hope you will offer the courtesy to tell me that what I'm doing here is useful or interesting to you. 
Please just email and let me know what you are using and in what context - invite me or the writer if it's a public performance - and give us some feedback on your experience with the work and maybe we'll publish it. 
Happy Theatering!
Erin Browne   

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